What Not to Do When a

Collection Agency or

Debt Collector Calls

Bill collectors Learn what to say, how to say it when debt collectors are calling you demanding payment and asking personal questions! Best to s

Anything you tell a bill collector

will be used against you

Bill collectors keep calling you and

you do NOT know how to respond!

Get their name, company, log all calls

and report them for harassment

Learn what to say and how to say it when debt collectors call and demand payments and answers to personal questions!

Best to say nothing.

CanLaw Will Find You a Consumer Protection

 or Money Problems  Lawyer

DO NOT agree to anything unless they suggest a payment plan that you can afford and then only agree to a written plan.

Do not trust or believe any verbal promises.

They are liars.

The bill collector is not your friend and not trying to help you no matter what she says, she is probably lying.

She will suggest

  • borrowing from others,
  • refinancing your home or car loan, or
  •  putting the debt on another credit card.

Using these options means robbing Peter to pay Paul and, more than likely, will just push you deeper in debt.

Collectors will demand payment

in the following order

  • Balance in full
  • Settlement (in no more than two payments)
  • Payments over 3 or more months, usually not to exceed 6 months
  • Good faith payment while you ask others for loan such as your parents, friends, bank etc

Since they want the full amount as quick as possible, they will refuse just about anything you offer and try to force you to agree to their terms.

Unless you're extremely good at negotiating, never negotiate terms on the phone, you'll lose every time. Offer your terms once (maybe twice) and if they refuse to work with you, end the conversation!

Collectors will insist on you paying by their preferred method. There is no law compelling you to pay by any of their methods!

Make sure that you pay by any method that does not provide information about your bank account to the collector. The best method is to pay by money order and send it via official mail.

WARNING! Never pay by post-dated cheque or an automatic withdrawal process.

WARNING! DO NOT send any money until you have a signed payment agreement letter in your possession!

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