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Our goal is to assist you, all clients and the profession in improving the service and the experience for all who deal with the legal profession and the courts

Do not phone us regarding lawyers. For legal reasons, we can not and will not ever discuss legal issues, lawyers, or answer any questions on any topic under any circumstances. No exceptions.

You can also ask the lawyer's local Law Society if they have any complaints and we recommend that you do so. The Law Societies probably will not tell you. However, a search of their web site for the lawyer by name may reveal any questions or complaints about him or her. The Law Societies generally seem to be more interested in protecting lawyers, then in protecting the public.

Do not trust a law society to help you. They protect lawyers, they will not protect you.

CanLaw will only disclose whether or nor we have any complaints against any given individual.

We will not recommend lawyers where, in our sole opinion, valid grounds merit such action. Nor will we knowingly list them in our referral services.

We will also not recommend lawyers who lack common courtesy in dealing with others. There are many of those out there. An obnoxious or rude lawyer is not more effective. In many cases, s/he would be less effective, by alienating the other side and causing more litigation

We will not disclose the nature of any complaints, only because we do not wish to be spending the next thirty years fighting frivolous and vexatious libel suits..

"Rational arguments don't usually work on religious people. Otherwise, there wouldn't be religious people." - Doris Egan

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