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2 00.00 The Law Society of Upper Canada Covers Up the Truth
Product description: The Law Society of Upper Canada is covering up the truth that there is no discipline complaint against David McGhee That is a lie
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The Law Society of Upper Canada Covers Up the Truth LSUC lies where it says there is no discipline complaint against David McGhee That is a lie.

Here is a snip of the actual LSUC directory listing for this lawyer which has been posted for years on the LSUC web site despite the fact McGhee was disciplined for filing false affidavits by LSUC. The LSUC also reinstates disbarred lawyers. Do not trust the LSUC.

Law Societies protect lawyers, not you. They believe they are above the law and are actually immune from law suits. What makes them so special? Power corrupts.



" I confirm that on February 18, 1997 Mr. McGhee received a Reprimand in Committee and was ordered to pay costs of $2500 to the Law Society. Mr. McGhee complied with the Order."

Michael R. Elliott, B.A., LL.B.

Manager, Monitoring & Enforcement.

Law Society of Upper Canada.

P: (416) 947-3995. F: (416) 947-3365.


McGhee admitted in writing that he was guilty. So why is LSUC hiding the truth?

CanLaw has a copy of David J McGhee's actual hand written and signed confession filed with the LSUC by David J McGhee


McGhee pleaded guilty to filing false affidavits thereby admitting he lied to the courts.  He got away with this in other files.

Neither the police nor the Crown Attorney seems to have prosecuted this crime.

There is one law for lawyers, another for you

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