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Product description: Put your advertising dollars where your prospective clients are looking for lawyers. CanLaw is number one in traffic, visitors, and referrals
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How To Build Your Law Practice

With CanLaw's Lawyer Referral Services, Advertising and Web Design  for Canadian Lawyers


About 350,000 clients have asked CanLaw to find them a lawyer like you.



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Put Your Advertising Dollars

Where the Traffic Is

Google Page Rank reports that CanLaw receives about

  •  2,808 unique visitors every day.
  • They spend 28 minutes on CanLaw
  • They view about 11 pages per visit
  • Monthly Unique Visitors: 85,467
  • Yearly Unique Visitors: 1,024,920


That is a very large amount of traffic!



Google Page Rank and Alexa site rating services


CanLaw Is Number One in

Traffic, Visitors and Referrals

  • 85.000 monthly visitors lets CanLaw deliver new business to your front door.
  • You get a steady flow of client referrals to your mailbox.  Guaranteed or money refunded
  • You get high exposure of your ad to clients who are searching for a lawyer right now
  • Beware of the many copycats. They just do not have the traffic needed to generate business for you. CanLaw does.

Put your advertising dollars where your prospective clients are looking for lawyers. CanLaw is number one in traffic, visitors, and referrals


  • Grow your practice faster and more effectively
  • Referrals, referrals, referrals
  • Attract new clients
  • Expand your potential client base
  • Communicate better with clients
  • Provide legal information to current and potential clients
  • Make it easy for clients to reach you
  • Promote all the areas of law you practice
  • Establish your background and credentials
  • Enhance your credibility and accessibility
  • Establish your professional authority and expertise
  • Project a professional image
  • Look substantial, well established and reliable, competent and accessible as well as informative
  • Level the playing field against large firms
  • List unique benefits you offer clients.
  • Detail your background, experience and how it will benefit your clients
  • Promote your own web site and get better rankings in the search engines
  • List your memberships, publications, teaching experience
  • List the courts in which you have appeared
  • Include your photograph and any personal information
  • Post your office hours, location, phone, fax and email details so clients can find you faster
  • Cost Effective Advertising and Promotion
  • Faster, more efficient communication. Cheaper and faster than print.

Referrals Guaranteed

 or Money Refunded

CanLaw guarantees referrals or money refunded. No one else dares do that.

Get Your Share. CanLaw referrals have generated millions in billings for our participating lawyers over 20 years of service.

You will absolutely, positively get more than enough referrals from us to increase your billings substantially.

We guarantee your referral subscription will bring you numerous client referrals.

The number of referrals waxes and wanes with things like summer holidays, Christmas and sometimes for no apparent reason.

We like to refer to the volume as a steady trickle of new client referrals. Naturally there will be more referrals in larger centres and fewer in smaller areas. The number of referrals depends very much on the population in a given area.

Just One New Client Will

Recoup Your investment Many Times Over

We always need more subscribing lawyers to handle the cases we get now.

We actually have a shortage of subscribing lawyers to handle all the referral requests we receive daily.

There is no shortage of legal work for good lawyers in this country. We know. We see it every single day.

BEWARE OF LAW SOCIETY SERVICES. With Law Society Referral Services the Client Picks You.

With You Pick the Clients - YOU ARE IN TOTAL CONTROL!

This Is How Your Lawyer Referral Service Delivers New Clients


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