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124 60.00 $60 Back Link from CanLaw means more visitors to your web site
Product description: Your back link from CanLaw to your web site will help build your law practice brand, get new traffic to your web site which will generate new clients and billing


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A $60 Back Link means

more visitors to your web site

Back Links Are A Vital Tool in getting good search engine rankings. They are not the only tool, but  without them your site will languish.


How Much? Back Links are just $60 a year

How Do You Order Your Back Link?

Click the order button to your left. Once your order is received, you can either create your own back link and send it to us or we will create one for you at no charge based on your input.

Either way your back link on this web site will pay off for your law practice.

A $60 Back Link means

 more visitors to your web site

How Do You Create a Back Link?

Simply click to email us with your web site URL and your firm name, town and 2 or 3 practice areas and we will set you up right away. We will send you the location of your back link so you can check it and monitor it as you see fit.

The Payoff For You is when Google evaluates your back link and decides your web site has more merit and should be listed higher in the search results.

You Should Be Using Back Links. Properly used, back links are a legitimate tool  because they will leprofile ad to  new business for your law practice and help build your brand as a practicing successful lawyer.

What Are Back Links?

Back Links Are NOT Ads.

Links, Back Links, Link Building mean the same thing.

Search Engines Evaluate Your Content first and foremost. Good well written, informative, high quality professional content on your web site is vital.

Search Engines Count The Number of Links pointing to your page from external websites and the quality of those external websites. Good back links mean better ranking for your web site.

Back Links Say Your Site Is Worth Visiting because other people have in effect endorsed you by linking to your site.

Back Links Are Like Testimonials or references attesting to the merit of value of your own web site.

The more high-quality websites that link to you, the more likely you are to rank well in search results.

Good Quality Back Links Mean More Visitors to your site, which can leprofile ad to new clients.

Back Links Are A Vital Tool in getting good search engine rankings. They are not the only tool, but  without them your site will languish.

Google Evaluates Both the Quality of the Site where you place your back links and they evaluate your site as well. CanLaw is highly respected and ranked by Google and the other search engines.

This site,, is a CanLaw sub domain site and CanLaw stands behind it.

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