Were You Fired From Your Job For No Apparent Reason?
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Product description: Unjust dismissal, aka wrongful termination or wrongful discharge, are violations of the terms of your employment contract or Canadian employment law

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 How To Prove Unjust or Illegal Dismissal

In your wrongful dismissal claim or law suit, you must prove that your termination was illegal.

Your employment lawyer will explain the grounds to you, but here are some ways to win:



If you were fired because off your age, race, gender, national origin, religion or disability and can prove it or have evidence that you were terminated for any of these reasons, you have grounds to sue.


Whistle blowers are protected by law. You cannot be fired for exposing that your company violates a law or is commit an illegal act such as toxic spills. You will have to prove that  your employers broke the law and you reported it, or that you were told to do something related to your work that violated a law and refused to do it.

Talk to an employment lawyer

You may have a cause for legal action.

     Character Defamation

If your employer made defamatory slanderous or libellous remarks about you caused your dismissal, you need to document the defamation. You will need proof.

Constructive Discharge

You will win a wrongful termination claim if you are forced to quit your job because your employer has made  your working conditions miserable.


If you are harassed at work, harassed, not just annoyed, you must prove the harassment was real and therefore was effectively a constructive discharge to win any wrongful dismissal law suit.

Talk to an employment lawyer

You may have a cause for legal action.

Your employer will try to low ball you on severance pay and benefits. Do not believe or trust them
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Unjust Diismissal Lawyers will explain your rights and give you a good idea of what you can get in severance pay.
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